Superb Superbowl

Right so I’m gonna try and write about the Superbowl, and this may prove tricky cause I know virtually nothing about American football. Anyway I decided that I’d support Baltimore for this one, firstly because I was told that the San Francisco 49ers were favourites and secondly because it was where the Wire was set. So obviously I was incredibly happy to see the Ravens come out on top, but I was even happier that we were treated to an amazing match.

It didn’t look like it was going to be an amazing match though, first half there was only one team who turned up. And that was the Ravens. I mean Baltimore were 21-6 up at half time. I’m not sure how much of that was down to the immense performance of Joe Flacco at quarterback, he really was impressive in that first half, and how much was down to the 49ers poor defence. I mean it seemed like every time they wanted Rice could just rush through the heart of 49ers defence and make good yards in the first half. But there was also the flip side. I thought Kaepernick was quite poor in the first half. It seemed like he couldn’t make the pass when it mattered and the were in the red zone, and this actually proved to cost them at the end of the game.

Baltimore also couldn’t have started the second half any better. That 108 yard kickoff return from Jacoby Jones, wow. That was special, and many were saying that at 28-6 the game was over. But then the turning point. Now as I say I don’t know much about American Football but I know that the 34 minuet blackout was key and the momentum switched after that. It looked to me like the 49ers defence tightened up and nullified the rushing game that had been serving the Ravens so well, also Kaepernick suddenly started looking like the better quarterback. I think Flecco may have been effected by the fact that after the end of the first half he didn’t get to play for well over an hour, because he just didn’t seem to be finding the amazing plays he had been earlier. On the flip side Kaepernick’s rush game that he is famous for was suddenly working and damn did it look impressive. He was also throwing so great passes and causing the Raven’s defence all kinds of problems. But again he failed, just a few yards short of the Raven’s end zone, to convert it into a touchdown, and the Raven’s played it brilliantly to run the clock down at the end.

Overall I felt the Raven’s deserved the win, and although I feel a little sorry for Kaepernick because he played a great game, Flacco was immense and I feel it was just that he won the MVP for that first half performance. Also got to mention Ray Lewis, who I’ve been told is “the greatest linebacker of his generation” who was playing his last game, and what a last game as he led the Raven’s, who he spent his whole career with, to another Superbowl. Overall this is a game that will live long in the memory and surely Baltimore 34 – San Francisco 31, will make Superbowl XLVII go down as a classic.


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