Biffy and Frightened Rabbit

If your a fan of Scottish rock music like me, then you were in for an absolute treat this week, thats because two big name released new albums. Biffy Clyro with their 6th album Opposites and Frightened Rabbit’s fourth offering Pedestrian Verse.

Biffy finally hit the big time with their last album, which was Mercury nominated and won them a lot of fans, and they’ve followed it up with Opposites. Now I got the double edition with an extra 6 songs (something which I would strongly recommend) and it’s amazing. The first half, which is entitled The Sand at the Core of Our Bones, is some of their more, for want of a better word experimental, songs trying out softer acoustic sounds, a bit like Many of Horror, and thats a fairly good offering. But the second half, called The Land at the End of Our Toes, is really classic Biffy. Loud, guitar heavy rock that you can just imagine the lads thrashing out on stage, and frankly thats something I want to see. Opposites is great, a truly fitting follow up to Only Revelations.

And Pedestrian Verse is possibly even better. Wow. This is great. It has that heavier sound of Sing the Grey’s, the brilliant Melancholy of Midnight Organ Fight and the Complexity of Winter of Mixed Drinks. And with all these best bits they really have created a masterpiece. Now I’m not sure if I like it as much as I do Midnight Organ Flight, but there isn’t much out there that I like as much as MOF. I do think that when 2013 is done (I know, thats along way away) that this will probably still be sitting up there as one of my favourite, if not my favourite album of the year. Go buy it, do it now, this really is awesome and FR deserve some recognition for it.


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