QOTSA, Laura, VW, National and Cullum

This is my second review of a lot of albums and I’ve got QOTSA, Laura Marling Jamie Cullum and more coming up. So I’ll just get straight in.

First up is Vampire Weekend and I’m a big fan of them for one simple reason, their music just brings a smile to my face. There is just something about them, a sort of upbeatness (not a word, but hey) about it. I don’t think that they are the most amazing band in the world, but they have a sound that just makes them so listenable, and they are a really great live band. Anyway all of this brings us to the latest album ‘Modern Vampires of the City’ and it’s another really good album. As I say it has the upbeat sound that is just inherent in Vampire Weekend’s music, it also has the classic clever lyrics and unique voice brought by Ezra Koenig. So it’s another top album that has Vampire Weekend quickly on their way to becoming the kings of indie pop rock.

I’ve have my first listen to the new Laura Marling album ‘Once I Was An Eagle’ and I’m going to say right off the bat that it’s brilliant. I think that Laura is just amazing. She’s only 23 and she’s had 4 quality albums, thats just sensational. Laura’s already been twice nominated for a Mercury prize in 2008 and 2010 (she lost to Elbow and the XX, which was some pretty stiff competition) and there is every chance that this new album could make it a hatrick of nominations, and maybe even win it. That’s because in my opinion, this is Laura’s best album to date. It feels even more like one whole album than any of her previous one, which is understandable because she’s is still very young. ‘Once I Was An Eagle’ has a beautiful complete sound that ranges from the almost darker start to the album, with songs like ‘Master Hunter’ and ‘Devil’s Resting Place’ (Probably my favourite track on the album at the moment) which are very reminiscent of Devil’s Spoke, to the much lighter and up beat second part of the album such as ‘Undine’. Overall I think that this is more than just an album that is filled with great folk music, and has become a whole piece of music, which shows that Laura is still maturing and getting even better.

Next is the new Jamie Cullum album Momentum. So I’ve never really heard Jamie Cullum’s stuff before so this was kind of a new one on me. I do like the fact that he’s sort of bringing a jazzy sound to a more mainstream audience. I think that this is a decent album. Now I can’t compare it to any previous Jamie Cullum albums, but this has a great sound to it with some good original songs, like ‘Edge Of Something’ ‘Anyway’ and ‘Sad, Sad World’, as well as a great cover of ‘Pure Imagination’ which was what actually drew me to the album in the first place. Overall it’s quite a nice album.

I think, like a lot of people, I only really became aware of the National with their last album, High Violet, which was absolutely brilliant, and brought them a lot of widespread acclaim, so was always going to be a tough act to follow. But I think that in ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ they have managed to do so pretty well. The National have in Matt Berninger one of my favourite singers around at the moment. His baritone voice is so perfect fro the music, and I can’t imagine it sung by someone else (covers of their songs are never as good). Although the songs do stand up on their own as well. Demons, Don’t Swallow the Cap and Graceless are classic sounding National songs. But there’s also some song that are a bit different, such as my favourite song on the album, Fireproof. Trouble Will Find Me is a great album, so go buy it now.

And last, and by no means least is Queens of the Stone Age. I’m a big fan of QOTSA, and the genius that is lead guitarist/singer/songwriter Josh Homme, and his talent at all three of these is clearly evident on this new album, …Like Clockwork. Now this is QOTSA’s first album in 6 years, so has been a long time in coming. Straight off the bat it’s a quality album, some of my personal favourites are ‘If I Had A Tail’, ‘My God Is The Sun’ and ‘Kalopsia’ but the whole thing is brilliant. It’s great that they’ve got Dave Grohl in to drum on about half the album, because as awesome as Foo Fighters are, I love him as a drummer. Now don’t get me wrong …Like Clockwork is no ‘Songs For The Deaf’ (one of the best albums of recent years) but is probably the best thing QOTSA have done since.

Right thanks, and thats it for now, hopefully get a review of Imagine Dragons done soon when I can be bothered.


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