Wimbledon – Murray the Magnificent

Just a fairly brief post following the conclusion of Wimbledon last weekend and Britain’s first Men’s singles win in 77 years. If you were to believe all the press around Andy Murray’s win you’d think it was Britain’s first Wimbledon win in that time, however as I’m sure many of you were aware there was a large backlash from Feminists saying that this was ignoring Virginia Wade’s win in 1977. However this is ignoring the fact that it was only 2012, yes last year that a brit won Wimbledon, when Jamie Marray and his partner won the Men’s doubles, furthermore Andy was pipped to the Wimbledon win by his brother, Jamie, in the mixed doubles in 2007.

Anyway brief rant aside I do think that this was an incredible performance from Murray. He managed to win the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world during, what I believe to be, the strongest era for male tennis ever. We have the greatest ever player in Roger Federer, the only man to win 8 of one grand slam in Rafa Nadal, and the man that I believe is capable of winning even more majors than Federer in Novak Djokovic. Now whilst all the top 10 players on Murray’s side (Federer, Nadal, Tsonga and Cilic) may have dropped out before facing him, we can’t discount this performance as he managed to make the quarter finals without dropping a set, showed incredible grit and determination in coming from 2 sets down against Verdasco and showed one of the best displays of returning I’ve ever seen when he beat Janowiscz conceding only 9 aces to the man who frequently hit 140 mph serves. And then to beat the best player around in straight sets, having lost to him in the previous final they’d played, which was at the Aussie open, was nothing short of staggering. Especially when you consider the fact that Murray came from a break down in both the 2nd and 3rd sets.

I think this was a truly special performance from a truly special British talent, and one we should all remember.


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