Power Rangers – Second Trailer Review

Ok now maybe it’s because I never really watched, or had any interaction at all with Power Rangers when I was a kid, but that first trailer was offering nothing for me. It looked like the most generic kids films imaginable, with a dash of chronicle thrown in.

And that’s really not changed with this second trailer. The whole “we’re all screw ups” just screams clich├ęd High Schoolers who feel like outcasts and end up coming together. Then as it moves into the superhero origins of them we are just given stuff that we have seen in so many superhero film, including two Spiderman films, X-Men Origins Wolverine, and more. Oh except it’s happening to five different people here.

We get to see the villain, played by Elizabeth Banks, but it seems that for the most part the Power Rangers are fighting a bunch of faceless rock creatures. This is common in films aimed at younger audiences as it allows for the action and fighting, without any moral dilemmas being faced by the characters, but it also tends to lower the stakes of the film, unless the central villain behind it all is incredibly strong, like a Loki or Darth Vader. If not you end up with a Suicide Squad situation where the threat just never feels that great.

And then we get to my biggest problem with the trailer. They reveal far too much. We get to see the Power Rangers in their individual Zords, but then right at the end they go ahead and reveal the Megazord. That is definitely something that should have been revealed in the final film, and really seems to me like the equivalent of Marvel showing the Hulkbuster in all their promotional materials, it just led to that moment falling flat in the cinema.

I can’t speak for fans of the franchise; what they see might excite them. But as something of an outsider to the world of the Power Rangers there’s nothing here that feels new and fresh to me.


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