Biggest Oscar Snubs 2017

I’m sure we all had a lot of opinions on the Oscar nominations that were released on Tuesday. But for the most part I thought that the nominations went as expected, and it’s great to see the Oscars celebrate diversity far more than in previous (#OscarsSoWhite) years. Still there were some big omissions, and in my eyes these are the five that I think should have been included.

Tom Ford, Nocturnal Animals – Best Director: Given how little love the Academy showed Nocturnal Animals (just the one nomination for Shannon in Best Supporting Actor) it’s not surprising that Tom Ford wasn’t nominated. But in all the categories the film was overlooked this is the one that I really wish it hadn’t been. Now I haven’t actually seen Hacksaw Ridge, but I’d certainly replace Mel Gibson for this one, because it’s hard to see past the things that he’s done and said in his personal life. Nocturnal Animals is a wonderfully directed film and I wish the Academy had recognised it in this category.

Arrival – Best Original Score: Seriously Passengers? I can’t remember anything about the Passengers score from Thomas Newman at all. Ignore the fact that I really didn’t like the film at all, the score itself didn’t have any impact on me. On the other hand Jóhann Jóhannsson’s score for Arrival was one of the best things about my favourite film of 2016. Jóhannsson’s score was nominated at the Golden Globes, and I thought it had a very good shot of a nomination here, even if it never stood much chance of winning.

Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) – Best Animated Feature Film: The Academy doesn’t always have the greatest track record when it comes to the Animation category. The only Japanese films that really get a look in are those made by Studio Ghibli, or in the case of The Red Turtle, at least produced by them. So I’m not really surprised that Your Name wasn’t nominated, even though it was such an incredible, original, funny, and heartbreaking work from Makoto Shinkai. It was one of my Top 10 from last year, and I’m just devastated that it clearly wasn’t seen by enough of the Academy’s voters.

Sing Street – Best Original Song: The fault for this one seems to lie mostly with the lack of Oscar push from the Distributors, particularly US distributor The Weinstein Company. It had a great shot at being nominated for Best Original Song if they’d pushed Drive It Like You Stole It, but instead the film is being left empty handed. And there is certainly space in there for it, I may adore La La Land, but it certainly didn’t need 2 nominations in the Best Original Song category, one would have sufficed.

Amy Adams, Arrival – Best Actress: There’s no question that this was the big snub from the Oscars. A lot of these others I can understand why it happened, or it’s more based on my personal opinion, but this is a big shock. Adams gave two great performances this year, and people are suggesting that it left the voters unsure which of the two to go for, but given the lack of love for Nocturnal Animals in the awards, her role in Arrival is clearly what should have gotten her a nomination. I mean is Meryl Streep’s performance in Florence Foster Jenkins really better? I don’t think so. Adams should definitely been nominated, and it is the one real travesty of this year that she wasn’t.

Was there anything that you think the Oscars unfairly snubbed and should have included? Let me know in the comments.



  1. Indeed they are all great shouts. I would also champion Your Name, i thought it was a fantastic film, never mind animated feature.
    Arrival’s score got denied entry due to some previously used music, and it otherwise would have been in there I think. Sing Street should definitely have gotten a nod, another fantastic film and a wonderful song.
    I think Hell or High Water should have gotten some recognition for cinematography and deserved its screenplay, maybe could have gotten David Mackenzie a look in for director too but then again I just loved that film and might be a little biased!
    There have been a lot that I haven’t managed to get around to seeing or not been able to see so it is an incomplete view, which is frustrating really, but I can’t really argue with your selections

    1. Cheers. Ah, I didn’t know the about previously used music in Arrival, I was just trying to think of something to replace Passengers.
      Hell or High Water for cinematography is certainly a good call. Directing was also great, and maybe in a less stacked year, but I think 4 of those directors are hard to ignore.
      Yeah same, still a fair amount not out in the UK, but from what I’ve heard about films like Moonlight they have been deserving of the nominations, but I won’t be able to make a complete judgement till I see most of them.

      1. Director category is pretty well populated. All in with a good shout.
        I think Nocturnal Animals got shut out of score too on a technicality, we’ll someone else did anyway!
        I’ve been lucky enough to have seen Moonlight and it is definitely well worth it’s noms, in fact I’d put it at the top of the films I’ve seen on the list.

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